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ZANACO Donates $4,500 to The Bupilo Foundation’s Basizana Project

Bupilo Foundation announced today that they received a generous donation of $4500 from Zambia National Commercial Bank, (Zanaco) toward their period poverty relief initiative, The Basizana Project.

“Zanaco is pleased to contribute towards the reduction of period poverty in the country and in helping Zambia make strides in the attainment of the sustainable development goal (SDG) 6.2, which requires countries to pay special attention to women and vulnerable groups. “ said in a speech read for the CEO Ms Chibesakunda Mukwandi by Ms Chanda Katongo (Ms), Head Of Client Solutions Marketing And Corporate Communications. “I wish to commend the Bupilo Foundation through the Basizana project for the initiative.”

“On average, Zambian rural girls miss about 10% of school days annually due to lack of menstrual supplies. This issue is worse in villages like Mkushi where girls miss up to 20% of school, often missing exams or performing poorly as a result of their absenteeism during their period. The Basizana Project is an initiative that was started by our Executive Director Mubiana Kabaghe and I, to help bring an end to period poverty for schoolgirls in effort to primarily address SDG goal 1&4 to ensure that they have a maximum access to education even during their period and end period poverty. We launched our project in September 2021 and began fundraising to raise $5000. We were grateful to receive a donation of $4500, from Zanaco at the beginning of our fundraiser, so as a token of our appreciation we have decided to name this fund the Zanaco Ubusaka Fund” said Thokozile Tembo, project director at Bupilo Foundation.

About Bupilo Foundation

BuPilo Foundation’s mission is to reduce rural-urban inequality by providing rural residents with tools to enable them to thrive within their environment.

About Zanaco

Zanaco is a leading and innovative Zambian commercial bank that offers a range of financial services and value solutions to create financial inclusion.


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