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The KUTULO Project

An initiative designed to enhance rural economies.

Increased rural agricultural productivity can enable rural residents to thrive in their environment.

The KUTULO project is an initiative that works to reduce rural-urban inequality by providing rural residents opportunities to promote and enhance rural economic activity which provides incomes and long-term self-sustainability.

The project endorses an integrated approach towards rural development that includes better and improved infrastructure, communal health, productivity, education, self-reliance, accountability, and improved living standards.

The KUTULO project uses the “Integrated Village“ concept that addresses rural challenges holistically with adequate focus on the individual needs of every village in different thematic areas to enhance livelihoods through communal efforts to increase productivity.

Food security program

The food security program under the KUTULO project works to identify crops that thrive in different thematic areas of Zambia. This allows rural residents to grow crops that will thrive in respective areas to achieve maximum yields whilst taking into account climate change challenges.

The aim of this program is to tackle food security challenges to enable rural residents to refocus their energies on productivity.