On a quest to ending poverty

Whilst domiciled in the United Kingdom, we work in Africa, particularly Zambia, to assist rural residents achieve their full potential by providing them with the necessary tools to live poverty-free.

We’re on a quest to ending poverty in a sustainable way by increasing rural economic activity through the enhancement of agricultural productivity that enables rural residents to earn incomes that have a lasting impact and improvement to their livelihood.

Around 56.5% of Zambia’s population lives in a rural area with little access to basic needs and tools to thrive in their environment.

Board of trustees

khalid salim bupilo foundation
Khalid Salim

Khalid is an internationally experienced banking professional with 20 years of operation, network management, and sales & business development. In addition, also has an in-depth knowledge of the buy and sell side of the post-trade securities service industry. Khalid attained a degree from the University of Kent.

alessandra lupski raja bupilo foundation
Alessandra Lupski Raja

Alessandra is a chartered accountant with deep experience in risk management and governance in the public and non-profit sectors. She has worked with multiple UK based donor entities and delivered projects in Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. Alessandra holds a BA in International Relations from Richmond University in the UK and an MSc in Global Health and Public Policy from The University of Edinburgh in Scotland.

mubiana kabaghe bupilo foundation
Mubiana Kabaghe

Mubiana has a background in entrepreneurship, more specifically in agribusiness. She has a firm understanding of the Zambian agricultural sector and consumer behavior.
She attained her BA in International trade from Zhejiang University in China and an MSc in Management and Finance from the University of Sussex in the United

mate muskotwana bupilo foundation
Mate Musokotwane

Mate has over 20 years of experience in the agribusiness sector, specifically in the following areas; dairy processing, dairy management, and poultry management. In addition, she often engages with marginalized people by evangelizing and donates goods that enable them to live comfortably. Mate attained a BA in Business Administration from Preston University in the United States of America.

mwiya musokotwane bupilo foundation
Mwiya Musokotwane

Mwiya holds years of experience in financial management and investment. In addition, he has a firm understanding of African asset management as well as a discerning understanding of strategy, marketing, and consumer behavior. He attained a BA in Finance from Richmond University in London and an MSc in International Business Management from the University of Surrey, both in the United Kingdom.

BuPilo Values


We respect the staff, beneficiaries, and partners we work with through their different cultures and opinions by creating an environment where all stakeholders are listened to and valued.


We work with integrity in everything we do by taking responsibility for our actions, working with trust, transparency, honesty, and embodying our principles when working with our partners.


We believe we are more powerful when we work together within our organization and with our partners to join forces for the greater impact of our mission. 


We have the courage and creativity to pursue unique developmental ideas that have the potential of developing permanent solutions for people in rural areas.


We believe in assisting rural residents in a sustainable way that can permanently change their way of life to become self-reliant and independent of aid.  


 We understand that participation is the only way for beneficiaries to value our work. This enhances accountability and ownership.

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