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We are building a lasting change.

Our mission is ending hunger and
poverty in a holistic and sustainable way by increasing agricultural productivity and providing health initiatives that will give way to increased incomes and
better quality of life.

Making a change

We want to 10x agricultural productivity in rural Zambia and enable communities to develop systems that allow them to enhance their ability to deliver better incomes, communal health, education, sanitation, and infrastructure.

By supporting the world’s most marginalized rural residents, we are investing in a new breed of African entrepreneurs and leaders.

Where we work

We work in Zambia to strengthen rural economies and build infrastructure that enhances the overall living standards of rural residents.

BuPilo Model

We work in rural areas of Zambia to build productive communities that allow rural residents to maximize their full potential and thrive within their environment. This is done through a multifaceted approach to maximize impact through partnering with local leaders, local and international partners.

Our goal is to assist families in achieving self-reliance by providing them with the tools they need to sustain themselves, one community at a time in different thematic areas.